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How JAD fuels crisis in Ugborodo - Oborogbeyi ~ Truth Reporters


The Chairman, Ugborodo Community Trust, Barrister  Augustine Oborogbeyi has blamed  JAD Group of Companies over the crisis in the oil-rich community in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State. 

He said on Sunday, May 21st, 2023, in a press release that the JAD Group has been regularly awarded Contracts since 2008 but never carried out any development at all in the Community.

According to him, all Communities in Warri Kingdom are autonomous administratively under the overlordship of the Olu of Warri, adding that a  Supreme Court consent judgment in 1972 put an end to some Ugborodo people assertion of autonomy from Warri Kingdom. 

"Ugborodo Community as an integral part of Warri Kingdom anchored the Palace Watch, (Ghigho - Aghofen) between 17th December 2022 and 27th April 2023 and His Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse lll was in Ugborodo Community on 15th April 2023"., he said. 

He stated that; "The PIA as stated by Perry Atete is Community based and after the Setlors series of meetings with the stakeholders from the oil bearing Communities, which these characters participated in, the sub Communities of Ode-Ugborodo, Ogidigben, Ajudaibo, Madangho and Ijaghala submitted nominees for the PIA Board of Trustees which has since been registered. Ugborodo Community is not the property of these agitators no matter how highly placed they think of themselves, including the  persons in the positions of the Eghare-Aja and Olajori". 

"These same persons have been frustrating the Ugborodo Community Trust Executive under the Chairmanship of Barrister Augustine Oboroegbeyi for no other reason but for not being in charge of Ugborodo Community affairs, as they are used to. Their modus operandi is propagating violence and frustration of the development of the Community", he added. 

He disclosed that; "Since 2008 they recommended the Lebanese JAD Group of Companies as Ugborodo Community Contractors for Contracts in NNPC/ Chevron Joint Venture and SPDC to provide from the proceeds of Contracts funds for the development of Ugborodo Community. The JAD Group has been regularly awarded Contracts since 2008 but carries out no development at all in the Community. That is  not of concern or interest of these characters but theirs is to fleece the Community and thus the frustration by all means, of the Barrister Augustine Oboroegbeyi Trust Executive championing the cause that the JAD Group should pay all entitlements 

due Ugborodo Community from the proceeds of Contracts being awarded to the JAD Group on behalf of Ugborodo Community since 2009. Can these people show us the benefits to Ugborodo Community on the execution of the Chevron multi billion Dollars EGTL Project". 

"The gain of a new Ugborodo Town during acquisition of the land for the EGTL Project was by the Sandys Omadeli Uvwoh led Trust in which Barrister Augustine Oboroegbeyi was Secretary. Furthermore, where are the hundreds of housing units for the Ugborodo new Town that Delta State Government contracted and budgeted Billions of Naira for. What of the Billion Naira shore protection Contract awarded to one of these agitators?  As usual, the JAD Group is behind the current agitation which is a smoke screen to divert attention from several Investigations on its fraudulent activities", he said. 

Truth Reporters (TR) reports that there is an ongoing protest in which Ugborodo youths have occupied the Escravos Crude oil tank farm and loading terminal of Chevron. It started almost one week ago, with logistic supplies to the facility stalled.

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