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YAGEP defined my future, says Atanalu ~ Truth Reporters


By Gertrude Onyekachukwu-Uteh and Balogun Mabamije

Adese Atanalu is a B.Sc. holder in Computer Science. He hails from Isoko North Local Government Area. He was trained and established in Fish Production in the 2016/2017 YAGEP cycle. He shares his story about his business.

"After the training and Starter Pack I received through YAGEP, I sprang into business. Since then, I have achieved a lot. Through the proceeds from my business, I have set up a bar, a cement store and a provision store. I also bought a plot of land and I am already moulding blocks to build my house.

“My businesses are growing and I have two employees. It is determination that makes anyone in business succeed. So far, all my businesses are doing well. It is noteworthy that businesses have risks but the determination to succeed makes the difference.

“The flood of last year affected my fish farm and l lost all my fish and lots of money. Despite this, I still have about 5,000 fingerlings as my present stock in my fish farm. I thank the state government for the opportunity I had through YAGEP with which I defined my future. I am indeed grateful to the Delta State Government for this life-changing opportunity.”

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