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Atiku-Okowa ticket, perfect combination predicted 2021 ~ Truth Reporters

...I Am Elated This Attractive Proposition Was Accepted.

By Jubilant Igelige JP,


Every political party, whether or not they are in power, must consistently think about the survival of the party: that is to say, its political life, the sustainability of its structures, while putting into consideration valid parameters that will enhance victory in future.

When a party that once enjoyed 16 uninterrupted years of governance, is kept in the cooler, amids several identified leadership deficit from the incumbent government, there must be some level of political determination/brainstorming geared towards exhuming critical strategies from the political archives, with a view to striking a better balance to gain victory.

In whatever manner, to take over the baton from the moribund and unacceptable APC failed leadership, that has infested Nigerians with hunger and severe poverty, and/or for the opposition party victory to be delicious, I have earlier opined that, the party must rejuvenate new strategic permutations as well as synergy, which includes having a northern Presidential candidate alongside a northern national party chairman. Right at Abuja, after my experience and observance of the Peoples' Democratic Party's national convention, i made a publication November 1, 2021, that was subjective to a new outburst of equity, fairness and rotational views. 

Politically, personal interest differs from party's interest. My victory proposition is premised on the facts that, If PDP must bounce back to power in 2023, especially in this transitional era, stakeholders must shift the "goal-post" of statutory or constitutional practice, jettison personal interest and embrace variety of political antidotes that will lead to 2023 success. Structurally, morally or equitably, this may sound strange, but VICTORY is always the ultimate goal of every viable and a non viable party.

Going forward, the two unbeatable choice of options, Kwankwaso OR Atiku as Presidential candidates, while Wike OR Okowa, as running mates, widely published by me in November 1, 2021, will be the "magic wand." This willful adherence of the masterstroke by PDP is phenomenal, seen as two incomparable forces, perfectly annexed as catalyst for victory in 2023.

Conclusively, as a political analyst in a major opposition party, whose political calculations had been proven affirmative in non slippery political environment, i make bold to aver that, with this careful and eminently fare selection of the presidential candidate and his running mate - Atiku/Okowa in 2023, the "RESCUE MISSION" mantra Nigerians are currently preaching will answer. Therefore this action must be free from all prejudice on the account that, both are perfect pairs, men with national fragrance and versatility. Bold and daring. Thanks to Senator Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, PDP National Chairman. You understood Nigeria and her politics. It is a testament that, there is light at the end of the tunnel with these sellable and acceptable choices. The party decision is supreme.

Congratulations To Atiku and Okowa, PDP Presidential & Vice Candidates. YOUR VICTORY IS SURE! God bless.

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