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HoR: Ukodhiko, the aspirant to beat ~ Truth Reporters

By Ikodudu Kingsley 

If you have been an ardent follower of the Isoko polity, you will understand that aspirants destined for victories in every election period, are usually the most trolled and criticised aspirants on social networks (Facebook). This can be attributed to the fact that most times, the critics are usually goaded by blind hatred as a result of the fear of the eminent failure of their choice aspirant. 

This has been the case of Pastor (Engr.) Ukodhiko Jonathan Ajirioghene, the foremost aspirant for the Isoko Federal House of Representatives position, Isoko Federal constituency, under the PDP. 

Recently, supporters of other aspirants vying for the same position as Ukodhiko having perceived the baring defeat of their choice aspirants, owing to the soaring reputation and acceptance of Ukodhiko by the Isoko delegates, are desperately trying to malign and denigrate him and his campaign team, by engaging in all manners of disparaging campaigns of calumny against the personality of Ukodhiko. 

The only reason they are struggling day and night to break the ranks of Pastor Ukodhiko by spreading fallacies is because of Ukodhiko's general acceptability by the Isoko people, leaders and delegates across board, based on his broad vision and his campaign mantra of 'OKUGBE ISOKO', which is a direct reflection of the people's inclination. 

UKODHIKO'S vision for the Isoko people outside the statutory functions he will perform if elected as our representative, is a robust one that reflect the yearnings of the Isoko people. 

~Unification of Isoko Nation politically and socio-culturally, for a common position in national discourse.

~Provision of an All-inclusive representation, where critical stakeholders of Isoko Nation, will be consulted before certain decisions will be taken.

~Initiation of modern empowerment programmes, that will make our youths and women employable and self reliant. 

~Involvement of more youths into governance. 

From the summary of the manifesto of Pastor Ukodhiko, you will know he's a man prepared for governance and leadership, and such, has been able to endear himself to the Isoko people. 

What the delegates who are tired of the continous and renewed sponsored attacks on their choice aspirant are seeking and craving for, is for 20th of May to come quickly, to enable them reaffirm their love and support for Pastor Ukodhiko through the ballot, by casting their votes for Ukodhiko in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP House of Representatives primary election. 

Pastor (Engr.) Ukodhiko Jonathan Ajirioghene, a staunch Isoko patriot, a philanthropist and a successful businessman, is the aspirant to beat in the Isoko Federal House of Representatives primary election, because he is the People's choice and the delegates are saying no amount of politically sponsored campaigns of calumny and ill timed allegations, will stop them from casting their votes for the man who will give us effective and all-inclusive representation. 

Ukodhiko's victory, is a victory for all.

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