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Truck driver, FRSC officer discharged after medical treatment ~ Truth Reporters


27 August 2020   |   2:27 pm

Recall a middle aged man was yesterday left half dead by the men of Federal Road Safety Corps, Delta State Command.

Trouble started when the truck driver, Mr. Ola Kolaosu who violated seat belt offense refused to obey the instructions given to him by the road safety officer to park his truck.

In an attempt to escape his offense it resulted in a drama at about five kilometers from the point he was stopped for the offense which ended both at the Federal Medical center for urgent medical treatments.

However, as at this morning both the Truck driver and the road safety officer, Mr. C.U Mgbede, have been discharged.

Narrating his own side of the story. The truck driver said he was unconscious of what happened himself. He regretted his actions and whatever it might have caused the FRSC.

The head of the operation of the command Mr. Bakare F.A said, traffic offences are designed to ensure that drivers and car owners respect the right of other road users and make safety a priority at all times.

He said, "despite the existence of traffic laws, some drivers flout these rules in complete disregard to the government agencies that established them.

"Sometimes, these laws are flouted out of ignorance or from a place of taking the laws for granted. To ensure that such laws are protected, the government attached penalties to them as a means of correcting erring drivers and road users.

"It’s a privilege to work in this situation because it gives you a high sense of responsibility and you don’t take things for granted, however ADR Alternative Dispute Resoulation will be made."

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