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WRPC's collaboration with COREN will enhance engineering sector regulation - MD ~ Truth Reporters


Managing Director of Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company Ltd (WRPC), Engr. Efifia Chu has said that increased collaboration with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), will strengthen regulatory compliance and ensure improved safety standards in the engineering sector.

Engr. Chu made this call on Monday when Engr Solomon Aghagba, Chairman of the Delta State Technical Committee on Engineering Regulations Monitoring (DSTC/ERM) of Council for the Regulations of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and his team paid a familiarization visit on the Managing Director of WRPC.

Engr. Chu, who welcomed the delegation from COREN and expressed his commitment to supporting and cooperating with the regulatory body to ensure that all engineering personnel and contractors engaged in projects at the refinery possess the necessary registrations and licenses. 

Engr Chu acknowledged the need for enhanced engagement with COREN, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures to prevent engineering failures and uphold industry standards. 

Highlighting the critical role of regulatory bodies in ensuring compliance, he expressed a commitment to fostering a closer working relationship between her organization and COREN.

"We have a big project here, and some of the regulators are telling us what to do. It is essential that we collaborate more effectively with COREN to address regulatory requirements and enhance the overall quality of engineering practices.

"Concerning regulations on the part of our contractors, I want to assure you that there is no going back on that. If there are some regulations they have not been complying with, we are going to make sure they comply," Engr. Chu said.

Acknowledging past shortcomings in regulatory enforcement, Engr. Chu stressed the necessity of stringent regulations to uphold the integrity of the engineering profession. 

He emphasized the importance of holding contractors accountable for compliance with established regulations and pledged to enforce strict adherence to safety standards within the organization.

Lamenting the lack of robust regulations in the engineering sector, Engr. Chu underscored the urgency of implementing comprehensive measures to regulate the profession effectively. 

He called for collective efforts to strengthen regulatory frameworks and ensure the adherence of industry practitioners to established standards.

Engr. Chu expressed his commitment to fostering a culture of compliance and collaboration with regulatory authorities like COREN to promote excellence and safety within the engineering sector. The move signifies a proactive step towards enhancing regulatory oversight and upholding best practices in engineering operations.

Earlier, Engr. Solomon Aghagba, Chairman, DSTC/ERM of COREN, said the visit was to discuss the importance of regulatory compliance in the engineering sector. 

Aghagba highlighted the need for engineering personnel and contractors to possess the requisite registration with COREN and valid practicing licenses to ensure adherence to the Engineers (Registration ETC) Amendment Act No. 3 of 2018.

During the visit, Aghagba emphasized that the Act mandates the registration of Engineering practitioners, including Engineers, Technologists, Technicians, and Craftsmen, to guarantee their competence and qualification to undertake engineering works. 

He stressed the significance of complying with regulatory requirements to prevent violations of the established laws and uphold industry standards.

"Since the setting up of the DSTC/ERM, the Committee has carried out sensitization workls to vanous key Engineering project. Ministries. Departments and Agencies of Government across the state as well as the Della State Police Commana hierarchy to sensitize them of our activities and to seek thell cooperation in carrying out our mandate. 

"The Committee as part of our mandate has also been involved in the investigation of various cases of collapsed structures in the state with a view to preventing such Incidences as well as guide against quackery in the construction industry in the state," Engr Aghagba said.

The discussion between Engr. Aghagba and Engr. Chu underscored the mutual goal of promoting regulatory adherence and enhancing the quality of engineering practices within the industry. 

The meeting served as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of regulatory compliance and collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulatory authorities like COREN.

Engr. Chu's pledge to work closely with COREN and enforce compliance with the Engineers (Registration ETC) Amendment Act reflects a proactive stance towards upholding regulatory standards and promoting excellence in engineering operations. 

The dialogue between the two parties signals a joint commitment to ensuring that engineering practitioners and contractors meet the necessary requirements to carry out their work effectively and in accordance with established regulations.

The Chairman of the committee and his team were later taken on tour round the refinery facilities.

Those who were in the entourage of the DSTC/ERM of COREN were, Engr SP Stephen Agbobu, Engr. Rasaki Olawoyin, Bishop (Engr) Agagbi Fidelis, Olaosebikan Isiaka and Iwuake Josephine amongst others.

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