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Needless diatribe on Senator Nwoko's timeless Anioma State creation bill ~ Truth Reporters

By Andy Emephia

The euphoria that greeted the distinguished Senator representing Delta North senatorial district, Senator Ned Nwoko,s , bill, for the creation of the age long Anioma State , came spontaneously

Across divides, from stakeholders, to wit, Delta North traditional rulers, lzu Anioma the apex socio cultural body , Ndokwa Neku Union ( NNU) , Asaba development union( ADU), Onu lka, the list is endless

And what , if what , is the issue of the resuscitated Ned Nwoko, presentation of the bill, to etch Anioma State, on the Nigerian federation architecture ?

The Template

Anioma is rich. Is fertile , both in landmass and human and natural resources

Laden with vast natural resources that could light up a nation , with incontrovertibly , the largest gas reserves, not to talk about hydrocarbon wealth that is the dream of sub saharan countries and even Scandinavian, Anioma is definitely , the most downtrodden and neglected in terms of fair due

Nwoko,s Bill

This meteor, always steps ahead , and with the tacit encouragement of stakeholders, proposed the bill for the long awaited Anioma State , for the purpose of bridging the gap, in the lopsided South east  region, which , unfortunately  , has five states, in total contrast to the other five geo political zones of South South, South West, North central, north east , and North central, that have six and even  , seven states with nothing to show for in human and material resources.

Splinter agitations

As explicit in agitations , some groups may go colour blind. The clamour is unanimous. The beginning of uhuru. What is left is a round table. The likes of Gen Alabi Isama, past lzu Anioma President General, the likes of Late Senator Nosike lkpo, Ozie ( Poco) , and countless others like the late Asagba of Asaba, Obi Chike Edozien and rhe immediate past Chairman of Delta State Traditional Rulers Council, Obi Emmanuel Efeizomor , are strident: Anioma State ia a must.


With the avalanche of groundswell support, with the incontrovertible agreement , the quest for Anioma State as rebranded by Senator Ned Munir Nwoko, is a conclusion, both unanimous and obvious. As is explicit, no man can stop an idea whose time has come

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