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70k minimum wage can't take any Ñigerian family home - Reps opposition leader, Chinda

Leader of the opposition in the House of Representatives, Rep Kingsley Chinda has said a minimum wage can't take any Nigerian worker home, rather a living wage should be the ultimate goal of government.  

Chinda made this disclosure in a chat with journalists in Abuja on Friday night. 

 He said: "Well first, I would tell you that as a caucus we don't believe in minimum wage.

" Incidentally, you even asked of minimum wage. What we have been calling for is a living wage for Nigerians and for Nigerian workers.

"And we believe that the question you also asked concerning the issues of corruption, the issues of the zeal to work for the state will depend on some of these things.

"Pay Nigerians a living wage, corruption will be reduced. Pay Nigerians a living wage, you will ignite the spirit to work for the nation.

" But pay minimum wage, I don't think it will solve the problem.

So the position of governors that they are not going to pay more than 70,000 or so a month to Nigerians, it will not help this country, it will not solve our problem, let us be realistic. 

"Let us look at a living wage that is affordable by government and if the Executive arm is sincere, see it with Labour. Talk to Nigerians, we will all see what is practicable. 

Nigerians are angry because they feel that there is so much wastage.

" I have even seen some publishing humongous figures as salaries of members of parliament and all that. Those are things that will make any Nigerian angry. And then when you talk about N70,000, how can you survive? 

"I think our laws recognize that a Nigerian should have one or two wives minimum, one wife and four children. You have one wife, you have four children.

Will 70,000 take care of the welfare of four children, take care of your rent, transport and all that? How much is a bag of rice? 

"So please let us even leave the issue of minimum wage. Let's talk about living wage. 

So as a caucus, we support living wage for Nigerians without compromise. I can even tell you to take it to the bank, not just the minority caucus, the entire house, including the speaker.

"Because I recall when the speaker of the HoR was in the Villa, his brief remark was that we require living wage for Nigerians.

"So we solidly support Labour in that. The only area we have also urged Labour is that in cause of agitating for that, let us go by the rules. Two wrongs cannot make a right."

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