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Edo Guber: Topmost APC aspirant, Senator Osunbor submits nomination forms ~ Truth Reporters

Topmost APC aspirant, Senator, Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor, Friday, submitted his Expression of Interest and nomination forms ahead Edo 2024 Guber primaries. 

Recall Osunbor had in a carnival style last Thursday picked up his forms at the APC headquarters. 

He arrived the headquarters alongside his beautiful wife Lady Ussieh Osunbor, APC supporters and well wishers. 

Osunbor during a press briefing at the secretariat last Thursday had declared that the 2024 guber election is a must win for APC. 

Recall that while in government house Osunbor Recall that Osunbor had a short stint in Edo Government House between 2007-2008 before his election was truncated by the Appeal court. 

As governor Osunbor within 18months embarked on massive construction, refurbishment and reconstruction works across the three Senatorial Districts of the State. 

He did not stop at that he looked at the transport sector and decided to pump life into the then moribund Edo state transport service by providing more than 32 brand new coastal buses.

 He equally extended this laudable gesture to Edo Line another government owned outfit. Barely two weeks after that he bought tractors for all the farm settlements in the state to further boost agriculture in the state.

Osunbor being the son of a teacher and a parliamentarian in the First Republic knows where it pinches. He too as a teacher, the professor of law never owed teachers for those  months he worked as the chief servant of Edo people. He did not stop at that as he made sure pensioners were not owed a dime in those months he sat on the saddle.

Pensions for teachers

The records are there for all Edolites to check as there was no time teachers and pensioners queued to collect their legitimate stipends. Security took a new shape and it is on record that for the first time in 15 years not even a gun shot was heard in Benin City in the 2007 Christmas period. Kidnappers, armed robbers relocated from Edo. 

What the professor of law simply did then was to arm the Nigerian Police to the hilt and the police surprised Edo people  by displaying the arms and armoured vehicles round the city of Benin that they were ready for anything in 2007.  Osunbor saw the roads when he emerged and he wept vowing to touch all parts of the state. In 17 and half months he renovated, refurbished and constructed 32 roads across the heartbeat of the nation.

Within those months the short lived Osunbor administration left behind indelible marks that cannot easily be erased from the minds of Edolites.

Edolites now have a second chance to nominate Osunbor to complete his task designed to take Edo to greater glory. 

If APC can make Osunbor its flag bearer the real election will be a walkover as Osunbor is a household name and a marketable brand in Edo State.

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