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Oba-elect Olowolekomoh Drops Charges, Grants Amnesty To Suspected Thieves ~ Truth Reporters


In a rare show of forgiveness, Oba-elect of Odo-Nla kingdom, Ikorodu-Lagos, Alhaji Prince Olusoga Elias Adeyemi, has dropped the criminal charges of petty stealing and conspiracy to steal against Adesoji Omolaja and Idris Mukaila, both labourers at the building construction site of ILEDI OSUGBO (Traditional Court) of Odo-Nla. 

Both workers were arrested by the Ikorodu police on Wednesday, September 6, 2023 and were billed to appear before the Magistrates court, Ikorodu Division on Friday, September 8, but the UK based astute businessman and philanthropist, dropped the charges and granted them amnesty last minute, early Friday.

In a statement made available to the press, Olowolekomoh said the reason for the amnesty was borne out of the desire to give the duo a second chance to turn a new leaf. 

"As Oba-elect, every Odo-Nla son and daughter are his kindred and as such, there is an African proverb that says that "you beat a child with one hand, and use the other hand to draw him closer". Against this backdrop, it is pertinent to give them a second chance in life to live a better life".

The Iledi Oshugbo building is among other projects the Oba-elect is undertaking as part of the activities leading to his coronation as Fuwagbade of Odo-Nla Kingdom.

Just recently, Olowolekomoh completed the second mega water project at the Oshugbo area of the town.

It will be recalled that the first water project in the 'Water For Life' initiative was cited at Ijinla Fraternity (Irele Awo Opa) compound of the Kingdom in 2020.

Otunba David Afolabi Ekiyoyo, the Olootu Omooba Meta of Odo Nla, at the commissioning ceremony described the occasion as a historic moment in the lives of all Indigenes and strangers living in Odo-Nla kingdom. "The importance of water in the lives of the people cannot be over emphasised, and that is the reason why Odo-Nla people sincerely believe that we made the right decision in choosing Alhaji (Prince) Olusoga Elias Adeyemi Olowolekomoh as the rightful candidate to be our Oba."

Ekiyoyo recallled that long before the resuscitation of the Obaship of Odo Nla, Oba-Elect Olowolekomoh had never turned his back to the land and the people. "If we start naming some of the projects he had single handedly sponsored in this kingdom dating back to two decades ago, we may not leave here today. So, on behalf of the Omo'ba Meta Royal family and the entire people of Odo-Nla, we say thank you and may your reign be long and fruitful."

Olowolekomoh, who was also represented by Otunba Ekiyoyo said: "It is no doubt a delightful experience to watch the events leading to the commissioning of the Odo-Nla Community Phase 2  Mega Water Project at Oshugbo area of the town for our people whose welfare has always taken a paramount place in my heart over the ages." 

"Essentially, I cannot at this point begin to emphasise that community projects like this are just a snippets of series of life-changing charitable initiatives that are lined up for developments to raise the quality of lives and aspirations of every individual and household domiciled in our kingdom in the context of a new deal for the enviable future before us. I use this opportunity to appreciate the cooperation of the Omo'ba Meta Royal family of Odonla, Fidipote Royal Descendants of Ijebu Ode and other critical stakeholders of Odo-Nla in ensuring a speedy delivery of this facility. Together, we can achieve greater things than these in the spirits of oneness, supports and solidarity with which we have come this far and going forward as an indivisible Kingdom."  

So, it was against this background, the Oba-elect was pained that a son of the soil accompanied by a non Indigene conspired to sabotage the ongoing Iledi Osugbo Traditional Court building project by stealing cements, blocks and other items meant for the construction of the project. "Our Oba-elect is a man with a forgiving heart, that is why they are being pardoned today", Ekiyoyo said when the suspects were brought to the home of the family head.

Ekiyoyo berated the two suspects and made them write an undertaking never to get themselves involved in such criminal act again. "But if you choose not to turn a new leaf after this experience, you will spend a long time in prison if you get caught again", he said.

Prince Olowolekomoh who called in on the telephone from his UK base admonished the duo on how to live a better life going forward. "You are working and getting paid for what you do, so why attempt to steal?", he queried.

He praised the efforts of Ikorodu police, particularly the Sagamu Road Police Division for swinging into action on time and getting the two suspects arrested even as he called on the force to continue doing the best to keep the Odo-Nla Community society safe from criminal elements. "On our part as Odo-Nla Kingdom, we will continue to partner with the police to ensure that our society is clean and devoid of crime before and on ascension to the throne of my forefathers, I will ensure that we work closely with the police to make our society crime free. As for Adesoji Omolaja and Idris Mukaila, go and sin no more, as this is your last chance. If you do not learn from this experience, then, it is unfortunate because you may not be so lucky next time." 

The Oba-elect assured that his coronation would happen very soon as the major hurdle created by man has been surmounted.

Justice Pokanu recently granted the prayers of Odeyemi Ofinran royal family in suit IKD/4685MJR/2023, filed by the family's attorney, Lukman Ogunsetan of PP Ogunsetan & Co, which sought "An order granting leave to the Applicants for an "Order of Mandamus to compel the Respondents to perform their legal or statutory duties of taking further or necessary steps towards the conduct of an inquiry into the Applicants’ proposal for the resuscitation of the Obaship Stool of Odo-Nla Town in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State as the Respondents are mandated to do by Sections 24 and 25 (1) & (2) of the Obas and Chiefs Law of Lagos State Ch.02 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 2015.”

For allegedly refusing to perform their legal and statutory duties, the royal family of Odeyemi Adeesho of Fidipote descendant Odo Nla town, Ikorodu, Lagos recently took the Oba of Ikorodu, HRM Oba Kabiru Adewale Shotobi, Lagos State Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs and Ikorodu Divisional Chieftaincy Committee to the High Court of Lagos State, Ikorodu Judicial Division.

Other reliefs sought by Otunba Chief David Afolabi Ekiyoyo ( Olootu Omo'ba Meta) and Prince Tola Ogunsanmi (General Secretary) on behalf of the Odeyemi Adeesho ( Omo'ba Meta Royal Family) of Fidipote descendants include: 

“An order granting leave to the Applicants to apply for an order of Mandamus to compel the Respondents to perform their legal or statutory duties of taking further or necessary steps towards the conduct of an inquiry into the Applicants’ proposal for the resuscitation of the Obaship Stool of Odo-Nla Town in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State as the Respondents are mandated to do by Sections 24 and 25 (1) & (2) of the Obas and Chiefs of Lagos State Law Ch.02 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 2015” among others.

A source close to the Odeyemi Ofinran Royal family said it was waiting for the go sign from the Governor of Lagos, Mr. Babajide Sanwo Olu for the coronation to take place. 

Olowolekomoh did not deny or confirm this piece of news when confronted with it. 

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