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Okpobor hails Okowa, Oborevwori on DESOPADEC ED appointment ~ Truth Reporters

Chief Kome Okpobor an Executive Director at DESOPADEC has sent message of appreciation to outgoing Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and incoming Governor Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori on his appointment. 

in a statement he personally signed and made available to Truth Reporters, the Iyede born Chief Okpobor described the duo as father figures.

According to him, let me begin by thanking God Almighty for the gift of life and the several opportunities and privileges He has brought and keeps bringing my way.

Truly, the destiny of a man is shaped by where he lives, the people he meets and the actions he takes. 

This encapsulates the journey of my life and the progress therefrom, since I made contact with my bosses and mentors, His Excellency, Sen.(Dr) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, an excellent father figure who has spared nothing in guiding my political path rightly; and Rt.Hon.Sheriff Oborevwori who also have provided his shoulders and outstretched his arms for my leaning and continuous improvement since my sojourn into the political arena.

Thank you for accepting me as a son and affording me the close opportunity to learn from your wealth of political experience and administrative dexterity, which you have deployed in successfully leading a state like ours, amidst its dynamism and complexity, to enviable heights.

I thank His Excellency, Sen.(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa for the several opportunities you have afforded me to serve the state in various capacities. 

I thank you most sincerely sir, for finding me worthy of the appointment to serve in the incoming administration as Executive Director, in the Delta state oil producing area development commission (DESSOPADEC), one of the State's most important institutions.

The objective of the commission is clear and I promise to do all that is required of me to justify this trust and confidence you have conferred on me to deliver on the mandate of the commission.

I also want to thank the governor-elect, Rt.Hon.Sheriff Oborevwori - a sagacious man, full of many graces, yet ever so humble, meek and unassuming - for finding comfort in my nomination into the board.

You have been a dependable guide and compass in my political journey, and in my quest to contribute my quota towards the development of our dear state in general and particularly, improving the social and economic status of my people - the Isoko nation.

Let me use this opportunity to reaffirm my loyalty and commitment to your leadership as I look forward to joining forces with you in the realization of the MORE AGENDA for the state.

Chief Kome Okpobor,

Executive Director, DESOPADEC.

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