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YAGEP helped grow my farm, says Emeghai ~ Truth Reporters

By Laura Ese Oghene

Moses Emeghai is the CEO of Moses Farm. He hails from Ika South LGA and has a B.Sc. in Economics. He was enrolled into YAGEP in the 2020/2021 cycle in which he was re-trained and supported in Poultry-layer as a Brown YAGEPreneur. He shares his story.

“It is one year since I received support through YAGEP in my poultry business and I am making progress. I was given 200 point of lay birds, with 70 bags of feed. I have grown to have 1,000 layer birds in my farm. I harvest 30 crates of eggs from my farm daily.

“I have trained one person; I have two employees on a monthly salary. I am married with children and I cater for my family comfortably. I plan to expand my poultry to 2,000 birds’ capacity pens in order to increase my stock. YAGEP boosted my capacity as a poultry farmer and I am grateful for the privilege.”

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