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Atikulated Global Movement deplores thuggery, arson in Gombe ~ Truth Reporters


Atikulated Global Movement (AGM), a formidable support group of People Democratic Party (PDP) condemns the act of thuggery, arson in Gombe State.

The campaign office of Mohammed Barde, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the 2023 governorship election in Gombe State has been set on fire.

A statement signed by the group's National Director of Social Media, Hon. Dr. Olotu Akpodiete, said there was a confirmed report that an attack on the building housing the Barde Campaign Organisation by political thugs, suspected to be those of the opposition party, setting ablaze the building and destroying the property.

AGM solicits the support of good people of Gombe state to reject any act of intimidation, thuggery and violence on the ballot come 2023.

The Barde Agenda rests on securing the lives and property of the people, rapid infrastructural development, equal opportunities for the youth and women and providing a level playing ground for the opposition devoid of any undue oppression

AGM pleads with security authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident and perpetrators should not go scot free.

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