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2023: Atiku youth wing inaugurates national executive ~ Truth Reporters


 Atiku Youth Wing in Abuja inaugurates its National Executives body and the Fct chapter today as part of fulfilling readiness towards the forth coming general election.

The body is a political voluntary group controlled by the capacity D.G Hon.Rowland Odih having about over 7 Million members of vibrant youths across the 36 States of Nigeria and Fct inclusively with strong commitment of supporting Alh. Atiku Abubakar and PDP Presidential candidate in winning next election.

The inauguration was attended by Hon. Dimeji Fabiyi Member of Atiku Campaign Presidential Council at the same time as former Director of Atiku Support Group, Mrs. Mariam Atiku Abubakar was ably represented and some other notable personality were also in attendant.

As parts of the inaugural speech delivered by Hon. Dimeji Fabiyi, he said "I am excited to be part of the ceremony by acknowledging the efforts of the Comrade Rowland Odih the Director General of the Atiku Youth Wing as a man of capacity that took the risk of making the presence of Alh. Atiku Abubakar felt in Benue State". 

He said Comrade Rowland Odih has displayed his long standing 
commitment to PDP as a party member and today he is still standing strong and keeps continuing providing quality leadership to teeming youths of Nigeria. 

He further pointed out on the passion that His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar have for the youth. 
Our Principal loves the youths, that's why he is giving 40% affirmation of his cabinet to the Nigerian Youths and Women because he wants a country where our youths can compete and partner with foreign countries in terms of education, science and technology and every aspects of the economy.

He tasked all the Nigerian youths to take their campaign to the grassroots on one on one contact on the street within neighborhood of their various community that APC have nothing to offer the country and that's why they have been attacking the opposition party, without any campaign based presentation and their plan is to ring next election. 

It is only Atiku that can restore Nigeria as the only Presidential candidate with national experience having a credible track record by bringing economy team expert together in building Nigeria as a former Vice President.

The D.G Comrade Odih Rowland of the group in his own remarks called on all the members of the group and Nigeria youths to get ready to work collectively in ensuring that Alh. Atiku Abubakar wins the next election and to achieve this we must go back to the grassroots as Alh. Atiku Abubakar has said, "election can only be won at the poll units". We can't stay in Abuja here in expectation that we will win the Presidential election, everybody must go back to the village, vote and win election of their various polling units. Nigeria as a country has never gotten it wrong in our history like the current moment under APC administration where naira is loosing value on daily basis, with almost #1,000 to equivalent of a dollar, meaning that our economy is becoming unbearable.

Am ready to give my total support to this group in ensuring will embark on different programs as part of our commitments in campaigning for our Principal and other PDP candidates by working together with the campaign Directors and Presidential Campaign Council as a member. 

 AMB STEPHEN JOHN EMENG of the South South Zonal Coordinator of the group at the event made a goodwill message by urging the Nigerian Youths to get their PVC ready, come out in mass on the election day and vote  Atiku/Okowa for President as the only solution to banditry, kidnapping, unemployment and ASUU strike as the only way to restore Nigeria from bad government.

Hon. Dr. Olotu Akpodiete JP, south south zonal organizing secretary solicit with Nigeria youths to support the PDP Presidential candidate because he is most qualified and have the best interest of youths through his policies(40% inclusion of Nigeria youths in his government)

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