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Okowa’s CON Award: Testimony of his national acceptance ~ Omimi Esquire ~ Truth Reporters

The recent announcement of the conferment of the national honors award of Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) on Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, has been described by his Political Adviser, Omimi Esquire, as another eloquent proof of the Governor's acceptance even at the APC led federal government level. 

In a statement, Omimi Esquire said the presentation of the national award which will be presented by President Muhammadu Buhari soon, has once again demonstrated that Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has done exceedingly well in administering Delta State and also as a pan Nigerian who preaches peace and unity across board. 

Describing the Governor as a true nation builder and unifier, the Political Adviser said from all indications, it has dawned on even the federal government controlled by the APC, that Okowa is a national asset worthy of celebration. 

Noting the high success rate recorded by the Okowa administration in Hunan capital development, infrastructure, peace, and security as well as education, sports, and agriculture, to mention a few, the Governor,s Political Adviser expressed confidence that the Vice Presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections deservedly merits the nomination for the prestigious national award. 

He, therefore, congratulated Governor Okowa for making Delta proud, while saying that he is confident that the conferment of the national honors award will spur the Governor to do more and finish strong both in Delta and the forthcoming general elections. 

"Governor Okowa has made Delta proud by this further recognition at the national level. These national honors are well deserved and amply cement the truism that Okowa is a national asset. He has excelled in governance and as a statesman, he has also excelled as a unifier and peace builder ", said Omimi Esquire.

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