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Jonathan Ukodhiko and Ajogwa Isoko women: A reflection ~ Truth Reporters


By Kelvin Ubara

Isoko women are exceptional, they have a productive attitude and they stick to their convictions, women are human dressers, they have the capacity to build and unbuild.
Their call doesn't wear the weaving eyes of owl, they are the goats of growth. They come to terms with authorities, expecially when they spot a good leader.
The girl child is important, because women are brought up to think in terms of relationships, the family and communal good; first, their concerns comes second.
The true values of a nation begins with women. A woman's character either transform a nation or breaks it, their behavior is a call of speed, their response is propagated by what you feed them with.
The girl child will sell and excel, if we encourage them in their different endeavors- Jonathan. One of the reasons why women refused to give birth to their values, is lack of support.
Ajogwa-Eyana Isoko women is a great organization, meant to raise the concern and politics of women, and their needs will be met, when the rains of empowerment begins to fall.

Special Assistant to the governor on Youth Mobilisation, Blessed Paris, tied the importance of the organization to Jonathan Ajirioghene Ukodhiko's election, according to him, "it's the victory of Ukodhiko that will spread the legs of the organization.

He threw his words further, "your PVC is important to realis the needed hope, sun the strength of your PVC, the springboard of your collectives lies in the victory of Jonathan Ajirioghene Ukodhiko.

He didn't stopped there, "take the gospel to the units, spread the good news of Jonathan, a form of door-to-door campaign, and together we will realise this hope," he said.

Dr. Oweh, also spoke. He raised the hope of the women, baptised them with praises and upheld Jonathan's concern. He drew the curtains wisely, " victory is a collection of hands".
The presence of Nelson Egware lit up the environment.

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