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I've served Urhobo nation well to deserve Senate seat - Amori ~ Truth Reporters

...I am the best candidate to represent Delta Central at the Senate – Amori 

By Ejikeme Omenazu On Oct 9, 2022

Olorogun lghoyota Amori, a seasoned politician, is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Delta Central Senatorial candidate for the 2023 general elections. In this interview, he states his desire to continue to stand for the people of Delta Central Senatorial District to ease their suffering through providing the best leadership. EJIKEME OMENAZU brings an excerpt. 

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced the beginning of campaigns for the 2023 general elections. How are you preparing for your campaign for your senatorial election? 

Well, I am preparing very well. I am getting ready with my team to ensure that I win in all the eight local governments that make up Delta Central. Tactically, my team when unveiled will deploy all efforts to map out the best strategy to capture every unit and ward in all the local governments in Delta Central Senatorial District. 

You were once in the Senate. What will you do differently this time around? 

Yes, within the few months I stayed in the Senate, I made enormous impact. I started very well and the people who gave me the mandate know that I never disappointed them within the seven months I was there. Areas of my development blueprint which I started then, I will revisit them to see how we can implement some of them to improve the livelihood of the people. Specifically, I will look into how we can revive some of our companies that have folded up, like the Delta Steel Company (DSC), Ovwian – Aladja, in Udu Local Government of Delta State and Sapele Sea Port, to create jobs for the people. My representation is for the people and I will do everything possible to ensure that they have the very best representation in the Senate. The people of Delta Central know my pedigree and past records when it comes to human capital development. So, I will create inclusive leadership that will provide the enabling environment for local and small scale businesses to thrive. You know, one cannot do this without security. So, I will drive security by working with the state and Federal Government, to boost the confidence of the people in carrying out their daily activities. 

Your opponent in the All Progressives Congress (APC) is coming from a formidable background. Do you think you have what it will take to defeat him? 

Having the pedigree is understatement. I have paid my dues in the Urhobo Project. The people of Delta Central know what I can do if given the opportunity. The records are there for everyone to verify from the time I was appointed as Commissioner of Education; Water Resources; Development; Political Adviser and Senior Political Adviser; Chairman, Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency and other offices where I have served one way or the other. I believe in service delivery and putting the needs of the people first in all I do. I know there could be challenges. But, I am very sure and confident of victory at the end of the election because the people know Amori. I live and relate with them. It is interesting that this time around, there will be no rigging. The people have the constitutional power to choose and make the best choice and I do not think there is anyone more qualified than me to represent Delta Central at this very time. I am going into the election with the backing of the people who believe strongly in my style of leadership aspiration. Educationally, morally, culturally and in terms of exposure, I have all the requisite knowledge and capacity, if the election will be fair, free and credible, which I believe INEC is doing everything possible to ensure the election meets acceptable standards. 

Do you think that the Urhobo people can still trust you with their votes? 

Yes, for sure. I remain their own. I don’t have questionable character that could lead to a breach of trust. I have always represented the interest of the people in every office and I will replicate the gesture of their magnanimity, if the mandate to represent Delta Central is given to me. The good people of Delta Central know that I am an Urhobo irredentist and a man who believes in the sustainability of our cultural heritage. I will continue to stand for the people by providing the best leadership that will ease the suffering and pains within the central region. 

Going by the zoning arrangement, do you think it is fair to have the governor and the senator from the same zone, which is Western Urhobo? 

The governorship position was never zoned to any particular local government or kingdom in Delta Central Senatorial District; likewise the Senatorial ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). This is why everyone contested freely during the primary election. To me, the PDP is not talking about zoning again because candidates have already emerged from the last primary elections. What is important to the party now is how we can come together to ensure that all candidates win in the general elections. We have moved beyond zoning. We have our candidates already. So, our top priority and concern now is how to meet the electorates to seek their patriotic votes. 

What are some of the things that stand out for which the Urhobo people should cast their votes? 

The Urhobo people know me very well. My antecedent is like a picture. They are not hidden from all those who have lived or followed up with the political trends since 1999 till date. My records of good stewardship are there from the time I served as Commissioner for Education and Water Resources. Under me as Commissioner for Education, there was massive infrastructural transformation in the entire education and water resources sectors. I created four higher institutions, including three polytechnics and a College of Education. The bursary Delta students are enjoying today was a product of my initiative and so many countless reformation in our education. I am very confident that no other candidate matches my antecedent. I have served my people as Political Adviser to Chief James Onanefe Ibori, Uduaghan and three National Chairman of PDP. I will continue to serve them in every opportunity or any capacity. 

Bearing in mind your closeness with Chief James Ibori and the role you played in the PDP primaries, do you think all these will count for you in winning the election? 

The relationship between me and His Excellency, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, is more than politics. We are two brothers and I don’t think whatever internal issues within the PDP family can affect our age-long relationship. Chief Ibori is my brother. Politics or no politics, we will continue to live as one. Chief Ibori is one of the pillars that stood by me during the primary election. He was in Mosogar during my official declaration to run for the Senate under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and we all saw the massive support. I enjoy the very best of support from Chief James Onanefe Ibori. We have come a long way even before politics and I will continue to enjoy his support with the good people of Delta Central Senatorial District to win the election massively. 

How do you see the prospect of the PDP winning the elections, with the several internal crises that have hit the party? 

There is no family without quarrel. What is going on today in the PDP is a family affair and it does not affect the prospect or chances of the party in the 2023 general elections. We have successfully inaugurated the party’s Presidential Campaign Council. Every other activity will follow suit on how to build bridges and reach out to all aggrieved members or stakeholders for everyone to key into the Atiku/Okowa project and vote all candidates across board. 

Would you say it is fair for another northerner, a Fulani to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari? 

Like I said earlier, our party delegates voted for His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. What is important now is to support the candidate of my party. I am one of the leaders of the party. After the primary election, the interest of the party is sacrosanct as against regional interest. Every Nigerian is qualified to rule the nation. So, we must put behind every issue and deliver the candidate of our party. 

Do you think that a Federal Government under the PDP administration can restructure the country if the leaders find it difficult to restructure the party? 

I think the PDP has nothing to restructure within for now because going by the calculation and agitations, there will be a constitutional crisis in the party if the current National Chairman resigns. So, the best thing is for everyone to wait till after the election so that we can go for another National Convention to reshuffle our National Executive. 

What’s your view on the level of youth awareness and their engagement in the political process? 

It is a very good development and I think the youths need to be encouraged. But, they must be ready to learn. They should not only play politics on social media, but should join a political party and start from there. They must also understand that politics is not a do-or-die affair.

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