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YAGEPreneurs Laud Delta Govt. on New Generator ~ Truth Reporters

By Gertrude Onyekachukwu-Uteh

Beneficiaries of the Youth Agricultural and Entrepreneurs Programme (YAGEP) in the 2015/2026 Cycle have commended the Delta State Government for donating a new generator to them to curb the challenge of power supply.

Beneficiaries located at the Delta State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (DARDA), Ibusa made the commendation when they received a 35KVA generator as replacement for a 12KVA one that was no longer functional.

YAGEPreneur Chiweike Nwankwo, in Fish Production, recalled that the State Government through the Delta State Job and Wealth Creation Bureau provided a 12 KVA generator to them in 2015 when they were established to begin their businesses as young entrepreneurs.

He said the old generator served them for six years till it packed up, adding that an appealed was made to the Chief Job and Wealth Creation Officer, Prof Eric Eboh, on their predicament when they could no longer bear the burden of repairing it.

According to him, “We are super excited. In the words of Prof, ‘The desire of job creation bureau is to ensure continuity of our beneficiaries.’ Though I requested for a 12 KVA generator, he provided for us a 35 KVA one.

“I must say that the Delta State Government has not failed us. The response is always swift. Within a space of a month, we repaired the old generator with eighty thousand naira; but with this new one, our fears are gone.”

He expressed optimism that with the replacement of the ailing generator with a better one, the 2015/2016 Cycle YAGEPreneurs in DARDA were back in business.

On her part, YAGEPreneur Jane Uzonitcha in Poultry Production said the provision of the new generator was a huge relief to them, pointing out that their profit was spent repairing the old generator unlike now when they would need to buy only diesel.

She also said the State Government has been a good father to them. “We are not abandoned at maturity. This is an indication of its determination to nurture and build a new generation of entrepreneurs.

“Being that it pumps faster, it will increase our efficiency and in the long run increase our profitability. My gratitude cannot be over-emphasized. With this new generator, necessity is laid on us to succeed as without water, nothing can work well in Fish and Poultry Productions,” she enthused.

Meanwhile the Chief Job and Wealth Creation Officer, Prof Eric Eboh, explained that the new generator was necessitated by the plan to improve the operational sustainability of poultry and fish farm enterprises at YAGEP Farms Cluster located in the premises of DARDA.

He said the generator would ease their cost of operations, make them more efficient and productive, adding that the impact would resonate in higher profits and greater ability to expand and grow their enterprises.

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