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IDU-YOUTH WING: Akpotu only implemented resolution of Isoko - IDU-YW Spokesman ~ Truth Reporters

The Director of Media, Research and Strategy of the Isoko Development Union Youth Wing (IDU-YW), Comr Palmer Ogheneyole Nathaniel, has said that those raising dust over the constitution of the Isoko Development Union-Youth Wing are either out to cause more troubles in Isoko or ignorant of the procedures of the IDU.

Palmer, who spoke to Journalists this morning in Asaba, condemned the verbal attacks on the President-General of IDU, Prof. Chris Akpotu, noting that the resolution to form the youth body for the IDU was reached in an enlarged conference where every part and leadership hierarchy of Isoko was represented.

"Let me quickly say that those attacking Prof. Akpotu are only out to cause trouble and ignite crisis in our already volatile communities. Our PG did not act alone. The decision to create our body was reached in an IDU conference that had in attendance all Presidents-General of the 23 clans in Isoko including our traditional rulers.

"In the said conference, all our leaders at all levels agreed and signed this resolution. There was no single objection whatsoever. The IDU Conference is all-encompassing. It is the highest decision-making body of the Isoko ethnic nationality. It's decisions are binding on every Isoko man or woman, and can only be changed or annuled at another conference. Prof. Akpotu didn't even preside over that Conference. The outgone PG did. Prof. Akpotu only implemented a resolution reached by all Isoko people through their PGs, their Chairmen, their Kings and every relevant body that speaks for the Isoko Nation. This is the true situation", he said.

While adding that Prof. Akpotu is a man that cannot be cowed or intimidated by the outcries of those who wish to keep Isoko youths under their apron and retard the agitation for a better deal for the Isoko people, Palmer expressed confidence in what he described as a "new beginning" for the Isoko people.

"I am confident in the abilities of our erudite Scholar PG, Prof. Chris Akpotu. Those who think they can distract or intimidate him should use their Google search engine. This is a man who has crossed many rivers to get to where he is today. Our joy is that a brand new Isoko is loading and I am calling on every patriotic Isoko man to join this unfolding vision", he concluded.

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