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Isoko North group carpets Owhefere for calling them 'unknown persons' ~ Truth Reporters

08 September 2020   |   11:17 am

Isoko North Equity Movement has carpeted the Majority Leader and Member representing Isoko North Constituency in Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Tim Owhefere over his scathing remarks on members of the group.

Irked by Owhefere's response to their open letter to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on Monday, the group slammed the lawmaker for calling members of the group "Unknown Persons".

In a statement on Tuesday signed by its Chairman, Inspector Okoro and Secretary, Emareluo Edward Taye, the group described Owhefere's denial of the agreement reached with PDP delegates during the 2019 primaries as a breach of political trust and vowed to ensure he was stopped from further representing the people of the constituency.

See full statement below:


The attention of Isoko North Equity Movement has been drawn to a post on Facebook by one Palmer Ogheneyole Nathaniel believed to be the media aide to Hon Tim Owhefere.

Ordinarily as a reputable political movement on a mission to fight political injustice and oppression in Isoko North PDP we could not have responded, but we had to so that we can clearly showcase the person we call our representative and to expose the nature of leaders we have in Isoko North politics.

We also believe that what ever Mr. Palmer Ogheneyole Nathaniel wrote on that response was with the express permission of his principal, Hon Tim Owhefere. That Hon Tim Owhefere referred to the persons that signed the open letter to the Governor as "unknown persons" shows the kind of person he is, since all the undersigned persons are well known PDP members in Isoko North including a past local government chairman. The entire write up and response is cladded with lies and shameless denial of open facts.

That Hon Tim Owhefere denied that he never at any point in time told the people prior to the PDP primaries that he should be given an opportunity to go for the last term shows we have a serial and a habitual liar as a member representing Isoko North in the Delta State House of Assembly. Beside telling so many individuals, he openly made this plea at the house of Barr. Hon Bernard Odior the State Legal Adviser to PDP when a meeting of PDP delegates from constituency 1, was called and in that meeting he supported kola nut with the sum of N300, 000. Any delegate at that meeting can attest to this and any delegate that read Hon Tim Owhefere's response will know we have an irresponsible liar at the House of Assembly. 

At another point in the house of Sir Engr. Henry Odhegolo who was the Director General of Hon Tim Owhefere's Campaign Organization, when he met with Ozoro people he repeated it again. Denying this alone shows how cheap a liar Hon Tim Owhefere is because it was like a sing-song for him then. That was his major campaign tool having seen the force from Hon Mike Ogwah's camp then.

Secondly, that Hon Tim Owhefere is denying the speakership issue being promised him by the Governor is most laughable because this is in the public domain. Yes we agree totally the Governor never promised him but he thought we were still in the era where  anyone can wake up and tell unfounded stories using the Governor's name forgetting we have a Governor who runs an open door policy and most people now have a direct link and access to the Governor. He thought Isoko North people are still so backward to believe concocted and fabricated stories by dropping names and all will just koto to it. He wanted to cajole the Isoko North people with the speakership story being promised him by the Governor. Even of late he was on phone and duly recorded telling someone that Isoko people are wicked, that the speakership he has been promised is what they are fighting. Very soon Isoko North Equity Movement is going to unveil a serial liar they have as a representative.

Hon Tim Owhefere in case you don't know Isoko North people know you, they know who you were prior to your entrance into politics. It is true a Leopard cannot change its spots. That you think you have opened a new office on the heads of the Isoko North people, and they are now your latest Mugu will fail you this time around. Your denial of open facts and issues that are in the public political domain is most appalling and irritating and shows your level of desperation. At least from your own defense you have been able to tell Isoko North people that you lied and have been lying when you told them the Governor has promised you speakership.

You don't need to encourage anyone to run because between now and then the handwriting will be so clear to you that you will know your game is up. Isoko North Equity Movement is all out to combat the political injustice that you have been masterminding.

Telling Isoko North people to disregard the Vanguard Newspaper write up is laughable because the truth they all know. Your defense to the open letter is as watery as an ice on a summer, it's solidity is just for a while.

We were also expecting you to deny the zoning analysis made by the Isoko North Equity Movement, because it is obvious you can even deny your own name.

We also want to let you and your co travellers know that we will resist the kangaroo zoning you guys did between Saturday and Sunday with every pint of our blood and every fiber in our bodies. Let's see how far you guys can go with.

God Bless Isoko North.

Inspector Okoro
Chairman (INEM)             

Emareluo Edward Taye
Media Director (INEM)

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