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Shun Antics Of Devil, Fr. Chukwuedo Admonishes Christians ~ Truth Reporters

A Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Donatus Chukwuedo has called on Christians to rely on the word of God and shun the antics of the devil.

The Priest made the call on Sunday in a homily he delivered at the Catholic Church of the Ascension, Asaba.

He observed that the devil could come in different forms to tempt Christians but, such antics would be avoided with the belief that nothing good comes from the devil.

"If you want to serve the Lord, to be child of God, prepare for things that will dissuade you from serving God because, the devil will not come in the same form always, however, no matter the form it takes, there are traits that points it out.

"The devil is an enemy to us, so, you don't dine with devil, even with a long spoon; when Peter went to Jesus and Jesus said, get behind me satan, it was because, at that time, it was not Peter that was speaking but the devil.

"The devil quoted Psalm 91 to Jesus; it quoted the scriptures but, the voice was recognisable; you have to recognize the voice of the devil.

"Jesus has come to reconcile us to our father, so, we are no longer swimming in the sins of Adam that was why He gave us the baptism; that gap that was created by the disobedience of Adam was bridged by Jesus.

"Temptations will come because God did not create us as robots or animals; He gave us freedom, freedom with responsibilities, wherever we find ourselves, there is always that test of faith but, we must recognise that test and overcome it.

"Jesus was tempted and know that for every temptation of the devil there is always a reward but, you should look beyond what the devil has to offer knowing that whatever the devil gives you today, if you don't pay for it today, you will pay for it tomorrow, the devil cannot make you to be comfortable.

"When they want to give you any title, be careful, find out the meaning and implications of the title they are giving to you, present it to God, talk to your Priest, be very careful and if you have decided to be a child of God, mind your association; it is not compulsory for you to belong to any cult to be protected; be aware that nothing good comes from the devil; all those promises of the devil are just to lure you into what you will regret.

"Remember, in the name of Jesus, every kneel shall bow, so, if you go to kneel before anything, be careful as I pity those who commit all sorts of atrocities in trying to belong to the ways of devil that Jesus has rejected.

"Woe betide the parents who encourage their children to amass wealth without known source; child of God, free yourself from dinning with the devil; when the devil comes, ask, to what end?

"We have no excuse to be of the devil because, Jesus, our saviour has already conquered; before Jesus embarked on His project, the project of the redemption of the whole world, He prayed and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, so, we should be prepared, we should be prayerful and shun the deception of some spiritualist and self acclaimed men of God who will blame people for your woes; we are all aware of the State of the economy due to mismanagement by those in authority and we should rely on God rather than blames to people who may be innocent for our misfortunes.

"Know that the devil will not conquer you, believe in the word of God, Jesus who will give you greater and better options to be able to counter the antics of the devil and with Jesus, you will get the genuine things that you seek," Fr. Chukwuedo said at the Holy Mass which he was assisted by Rev. Fr. Solomon Ugwummadu.

The Holy Mass featured thanksgiving including that done by Comrade Fidelis Egugbo for his appointment as Special Assistant, Media, to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State. 

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