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Udu bridge safe for use — Augoye ~ Truth Reporters

Delta State Commissioner for Works, Chief James Augoye, yesterday assured motorists plying Enerhen road in Warri area of the state that the Udu bridge is safe for use.

Augoye who disclosed this at a press briefing in Asaba, said: the concrete bridge built in 1970 by Dumex Construction Company did not fail.

He insisted that the bridge is very healthy for motorists to use.

According to him, "when the disturbing report about the purported failure of the bridge got to his office, a team of engineers were dispatched to carry out integrity test.

“from the investigation, there is nothing wrong with the bridge.

“the bridge is safe, the only problem is the hand rail which runs through the entire bridge. The rails will be vibrating when driving through. A section of it fell off which is resulting in the vibration because part of it is suspended for now.

“Once we are done with the replacement, the vibration will stop. We are going to do a comprehensive rehabilitation of the rails to make it modern”. Augoye added.

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