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Amadhe Honoured With Most Influential Isoko Living Legend Award ~ Truth Reporters

By Kelvin Ohoror

The President General of Isoko Development Union High Chief Iduh Amadhe was recently honoured with an iconic award of most noble, influential and Isoko Living Legend from the Crown Prince Raphael Clement Ameh Agada, Adebo 11 of Owukpa kingdom, Ogbadibo local government area of Benue State.

The award was presented to him at the Isoko Unity House, Oleh, Isoko South local government area, Delta State.

In his words Crown Prince Raphael Clement Ameh Agada, Adebo 11 of Owukpa kingdom said that, "From a far distance when we heard of you, we started making inquiry about you. We must always know that on daily basis when you go out, whatever you do thousands of people are watching your steps but you don't know"

According to him, when we heard about High Chief Iduh Amadhe, we started making research about him. "He is a man with a great heart who have the love of his people at heart, who has done so much for humanity. Such man, is worthy to associate with, to call a father, brother and a mentor"

"No child grows without a mentor, If you are a child and you don't have a mentor while you are growing you can never do well in life. If you are choke in life tomorrow if you don't have a mentor to seek advice from, things will be come difficult for you", he said .

"I am a child who want to learn, who believe in learning from his elders. Hence, I want to build an empire for my people, I want to do better than my fore-father's "

He also pointed out that, no kingdom can grow without a monarch, that every developmental growth of a kingdom lies in the hands of a monarch. You cannot be king and sit in your comfort zone and expect your kingdom to grow.

"It gone are those days monarch depends on community, local and state government, I don't believe what they can give to me but what I can give to my people in the area of development"

The Crown Prince of Owukpa kingdom further said that, High Chief Iduh Amadhe have live a legacy, that he is proud to have him as a brother, mentor and friend.

" I have been following his antecedent for a year and half now, his actions, the role he has played in Isoko nation, his stance for peace and the various development he has brought to his people attracted me to give him this award".

"I came to tap from that grace you have because I want to grow, I want to be a good leader and patriot of my kingdom, society and the country at large"

He reiterated that, tomorrow don't be suprised that I will call High Chief Iduh Amadhe that my kingdom need a block of class room, bore-hole, but if I don't have that relationship with him I cannot call him, he stated.

In his response the President General of Isoko Development Union (IDU) High Chief Iduh Amadhe said, I was briefed about your intention to visit to appreciate us, if you appreciate me, it is not because of myself alone you have appreciated the Isoko nation. I take it as a great privilege.

High Chief Amadhe however praised the Crown Prince of Owukpa kingdom saying that, "It is only a man of great letters, a man who is equipped with the rudimentary knowledge of history, who had access to political trend and event that can do this"

"I don't know him, I have not seen him before, I only got the message that he wants to visit me. I am happy because Isoko now have a friend and a kingdom that an Isoko man can go to his palace and he will be at home and safe"

High Chief Amadhe further said that, "I can tell you that with this visit you are now a Royal father in Isoko land. Anytime the traditional rulers are going to celebrate here, we will make sure you are invited to be with us"

I know the distance and where you came from. And to have committed yourself, my Executives, the Women wing, the Isoko Ladies League International and all the people present, we are very grateful.

We are aware that your coronation is coming soon, on behalf of the Isoko nation we wish you well. "I pray that God Almighty should give you wisdom, long life and prosperity and also your reign will be very peaceful"

Dignitaries present at the event were, Chief James Obeuwou, HRM Jonathan Emasibeta  the Odiologbo of Oyede Kingdom, Mr. Hitler Omote and Mr. Dan Odhomo, Love Othuma, Mrs. Sylvia Anyisire and Esi Patience Oghale amongst others.

The highlight of the event was cultural dance by the Isoko Development Union choral group.

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