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STRONGER DELTA: Okowa Strengthens Traditional Institutions With Befitting Secretariat ~ Truth Reporters

By Chief Jubilant Igelige (JP)

"Traditional Institution is an enduring part of our heritage." It plays a very significant role as the custodians of our sacrosanct values, culture and traditions.

It's a universally known fact that, no meaningful developmental strides can be found in an atmosphere of chaos and disharmony and as such, every wise government that desires to thrive in all spectrums of growth mileages must engage the partnership of traditional institutions and this, the Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, has courageously and impressively done.

Nonetheless, in contemporary Nigeria Society, regardless of the fact that traditional institutions has no business in partisan politics, its involvement in nations building cannot be relegated. It's not untrue that, our traditional rulers are closely linked with the grassroots and therefore understood the problems of our people intimately and in the search for peace, order and stability in our society, the institution have served as a veritable instrument in this direction.

Most importantly, it's worthy of note that, since the advent of democratic dispensation in 1999, Delta State traditional rulers council haven't built a Secretariat, though meetings are intermittently held in the Directorate of Chieftaincy Affairs office, Asaba. The working and passion driven governor, whose second tenure motto is; "Stronger Delta," had sincerely promised to give adequate attention to this institution, as an integral components, whose contributions overtime and now have brought peace and stability, which will further consolidates the "states vision."

In advancing the course, as well as fast tracking the tenets of his vision, the governor decided to assuage the mobility thirst by providing the state traditional rulers council members a comfortable whip, jeep model TRUMPCHI GS8 (tear rubber) and also erecting a befitting Secretariat for the institution that has done a lot in promoting peace and harmony amongst Deltans. Expectedly, the secretariat, shall act amongst other things, two roles. first; where the traditional rulers shall meet to become the voices of the voiceless, representing the grassroots in speaking out boldly to the government on matters of general concern, and secondly, becoming development catalysts and structures for the mobilisation of government policies cum overseeing the implementations in their various traditional jurisdictions.

Certainly, the acceptability of government, vis-a-vis the synergy with traditional leadership, who are the authentic voices of communities, clans and ethnics, ensuring there was war against the common enemies of crime, armed insurgency, herdsmen/farmers clashes, armed banditry and youths delinquency, etc, in the modern day advancement is graciously commendable. This action of the passionate governor is timeously accurate.

In conclusion, the breaking news isn't whether the governor is promoting the traditional leadership statutorily, but, summarily the moral willingness of His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, to give top priority to the "institution" for efficient governance thereby speeding-up the actualization of the "stronger Delta mantra" promised, is the good and alluring news. All in all, such recognition and initiatives, in no small measure, would deepen the ethnic integration and peaceful atmosphere sought, whilst also sending hilarious waves that the mantra; "Stronger Delta" preceding 2023 is visible, and not a sham.


Long live Delta!
Long live the passionate Governor!

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