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Fr. Nwanunu Calls For Discipline Among Christians ~ Truth Reporters

A Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Innocent Nwanunu has urged Christians to avoid actions that are capable of stopping them from making heaven, stating that the watchword is discipline.

Fr. Nwanunu in a homily at the Catholic Church of the Ascension, Asaba on Sunday (25/08/19) observed that Jesus Christ made it clear that while the road to destruction is wide, the road to salvation is very narrow and requires a lot discipline and patience. 

According to him, “for you to make heaven, you must be disciplined and you must strive to pass through the narrow door, that means that there are two types of doors; if you choose the wide door where there is no strive, there is a price, if you choose the narrow door, there is a price too but, the road to destruction is wide and smooth.”

“There is no short-cut to heaven, are you working out your salvation with fear and trembling? The surest way to enter through the narrow door is to discard excess luggage; the question is, what do you need to pass through the narrow door? What God wants from us is discipline; don't see the situation that you are passing through as punishment by God, nothing good comes easy,  even our Lord,  Jesus Christ passed through the cross to enter the glory of God,” he said.

The Priest continued, “whatever you are passing through, carry your cross with joy; we are afraid of passing through the narrow gate because, we don’t want to live our lives for others; if you want to pass through the narrow door, you must let go of sin, you must be charitable; keep to His commandments,  love God above all and your neighbour as yourself.”

“You must persevere; you cannot be a good Christian without patience and endurance; there is no short-cut to heaven, you need to work out your salvation; don't waste your time dwelling on perishable things; ask yourself, where do I spend my eternity, heaven or hell?

Learn to be a Christian in deed and in words; don't be a cosmetic Christian, carry your cross patiently,” Fr. Nwanunu admonished. 

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