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PDP Reps Caucus Directs Members To Support Speakership Aspirant Of Choice

Ahead of the inauguration of the 9th National Assembly slated for next week Tuesday, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives has directed its members to support any of the speakership aspirants of their choice from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), in the national interests.

This was contained in a statement by the leader of the caucus who is also the Minority leader of House, Hon Leo Ogor in a message to mark this year’s Eid-Il-Fitr celebration which was made available to newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday.
Hon Ogor disclosed that by this directive, members are now free to associate and support any the APC speakership aspirants of their choice freely.
This latest directive foreclosed the earlier speculation making the round that the party with about 118 of the 360 members might also field candidates for the position.

According to the statement, “while the nation looks forward to the inauguration of the 9th National Assembly, the PDP House Caucus is leaving no stone unturned in furtherance of its resolute determination to proactively decide the final outcome of the ongoing contest for leadership of the House in ways that would ultimately ensure that the people’s will ultimately prevail.
“While we further our unflinching commitment to the principles and ethos of democracy, the PDP House Caucus has endorsed its members’ decision to work with speakership aspirants from the ruling party, thereby allowing all who feel thus inclined, the freedom to attend all meetings, participate in campaigns, strategy sessions and other activities of any speakership aspirant of their choice.
“While the PDP House Caucus has taken the decision with a clear focus on the national interest as well as the future strategic goals of our party, we are not unaware that a few may, unfortunately, feel inclined to go overboard, nibbling dangerously at carrots dangled before them without adequately heeding appropriate guidelines.
“Nonetheless, such risks have to be taken occasionally as part of the sacrifice for the national interest – an overriding consideration for us in our great party.”
The Caucus wished all Muslims across Nigeria and the entire world, the infinite grace and enduring mercies of Almighty Allah on this joyous occasion of Eid El Fitri celebration.

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