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Elomaz Foundation gifts orphanage homes food items to celebrate Joel-Onowakpo's birthday ~ Truth Reporters

By Kelvin Ohoror 

A non-governmental organization Elomaz Foundation has marked the 56th birthday anniversary of its founder, Senator-elect Joel-Onowakpo Thomas at Aruka Peace Foundation, Children Revolutionary Foundation and Ugholeh orphanage homes in Ozoro, Irri and Oleh, doling out food Items to the children

Items donated included garri, rice, noodles, salt, toiletries, groundut oil, cartons of beaverages, tomatoe paste amongst other things items.

 Joel-Onowakpo Thomas is an unrepentant philanthropist whose main goal is to help the less privileged. 

The mission and goal of the foundation is to empower the less privileged and render selfless services such as free JAMB lectures, scholarship, donation text book, note books, micro-credit, vocational training and starter packs for unemployed graduate.

 He was a Caretaker Chairman in Isoko South Local Government Area  and his contribution and manner of handling local and administrative issues attracted several recognition from the local and international scenes.

 As a result of his astute leadership qualities he served as Taxation of Nigeria in different capacities such as Member Professional conduct and building committee, he  also served as chairman technical appraisal committee and (TIN) Tax identification number. 

Speaking to newsmen the Director of Elomaz Foundation Chief Mrs. Veronica Odogu said that, "We are here to demonstrate the love the senator elect Delta South Senatorial District Chief Joel-Onowakpo Thomas have for the less privilege whose birthday is today"

Mrs. Odogu noted that, "The chairman of Elomaz Foundation always celebrate his birthday by reaching out to the less privilege and he has been doing it every year. He deem fit to present food Items to them to share in their joy.

"Our focus is not to let the less privilege to be on the street neither to be stranded. The little we have, we help and give to them. 

She also opined that, "We are still looking forward to the stage were the less privilege will be empower to be self employ and self-reliance.

"We also take care of the widows and the elderly people. Last year we were also able to take care of education. We enrolled secondary school students of Ayakoromo Grammar School, Burutu Local Government Area, Delta State, also, about 2000 who attended the free Jamb lecture that is been organized by the foundation in Oleh and Ozoro centre".

He therefore enjoined other spirited individual to join Chief Joel-Onowakpo Thomas, saying that the work cannot be finish by one man, those who have should also endeavor to take care of the less privilege.

Appreciating the kind gesture of the Elomaz Foundation Rev. Great Abraham the founder of Children Revolutionary Foundation, Irri said that, "He has always come around to support us, he is one of our best partners. During the 2022 flood when we were completely abandoned he is the only one who remember us and brought food Items and relief materials for us.

"Today is his birthday, he also remember us, it shows he is a man after God with so much love for the less privilege. He has paid the school fees of the Children Revolutionary Foundation severally. We pray that God will release for him whatever he want.

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