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Trouble Brews At Sterling Global As FISSAN Kicks ~ Truth Reporters

Unless proactive steps are taken, there may be full blown crises at Sterling Global L.P.G., Ogume as the Fitters Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (FISSAN) has raised alarm over heavy usage of foreigners for works which Nigerians can do.

In a press release which was made available to Journalists,  FISSAN stated that it was also, unfortunate that the activities of the company goes contrary to federal government decisions with impunity.

"We watched with shame today how the representatives of the Federal Government came to support the influx of foreigners to do the jobs Nigerians can do at Sterling Global L.P.G Project in Ogume Road Kwale, Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta State.

"Our union has been crying that while Nigerian fitters are jobless, the government of Nigeria is providing jobs for foreigners; that situation played out on the 17th October, 2019 when a delegation of the Federal Government came to the site in what looks like a fact-finding mission but the management of Sterling Global hid all the foreigners (about 450 of them) doing fitting, welding jobs and other skilled professionals and hired some Nigerians as workers that are executing the project. 

"Our union on hearing the news of the government visitation and the hiding of the foreigners, mobilized to the site in order to tell the delegation the true position and to show them where the foreigners were.

"The host community under the leadership of Charley Ogbe Ani and Oputa Festus - Community Development Committee (CDC) and Community Accredited Contact Committee (CACC) Chairmen respectively, also mobilized to tell the visiting team the sad reality on ground but to our surprise, the team did not stop to hear us; they went straight inside the yard with large military escort and we waited patiently for their return but surprisingly, same way they entered without granting us audience was the same way they left. 

"We wish to state categorically that the visitation of the government is not to the interest of Nigerian workers;  information reaching us indicate that the delegation have comprised their position and that is the reason they refused to hear from the Nigerian workers. 

"Those paraded by the company as Nigerian workers were actually hired just to cover up their oppression of the Nigerian workers; we are calling on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other relevant agencies to disregard any report coming out of this make-believe visit. 

"The executive order number 5 dated February 5th 2018 which affirm that the jobs Nigerians can do must not be given to foreigners has not been honoured by Sterling Global; Nigerian fitters are qualified, available and ready to do the jobs that are here in Nigerian. 

"The Nigerian Content act has not also been followed; we cannot be jobless whereas there are jobs to be done; this  is the time to act," the association said in the press release signed by Comrades Ambaiowei A. Ambaiowei and Morrister Idibra, President and General Secretary respectively. 

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